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Let's not's a mouse...ethical? Kill it by any means necessary. At least glue traps make them suffer and traditional traps might partially crush it...this is kewl DIY mouse torture fun :)
PETA spys...they're everywhere
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I was surprised that they were from the UK. With that much self prescribed entitlement I was sure they were Obama supporters looking for their piece of the pie
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Here's the real question: if a male photographer had taken those pictures or if say someone took them at home of their child, would it fly?
So why is it allowed to fly under the guise of "art"??
As for Disney, screw them. They're so out of touch with reality any more that it's great to see another of their churned out plastic kids break free and in to reality, all the while leaving Disney with egg on their face...AGAIN!!! (*cough*brittney*cough)
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"...when speaking with someone in person, anything goes. People worth speaking to don’t require good grammar..."

you're kidding right?
people tend to write like they speak, so correct one and you may correct the other. tolerate one and you may promote the other, yes?
thank goodness people raising small children don't think that way or we'd have a sale on "wubbies" and "binkies" at the local Wal-mart-orama.
And anyone worth speaking to (I'm assuming you mean people with a particular point or position to extend) would do better to not heed this advice as sounding like an IDIOT may tend to hamper your point ;)
To me, it's all about laziness. People CAN take the time to speak, write and enunciate properly...they're just lazy and we take.
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while we're at it, let's add the word (phrase?) "uh" to the mix. If someone is speaking to me and using EITHER of these annoyances, I stop them and ask them if there's a grown up that I might be able to talk with (especially if it's in a retail position!)
Do your part to stop the idiots...

and let's put the entire ebonics dictionary (an oxymoron in and of itself) on the next billboard :)
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