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I agree with you all. Or as they say here in Choo Choo Town TN, yawl.

@Kalel - quit while you're ahead. GGGG

(always thought yawl was a kind of boat)
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This is a joke, right? Then again it is from CA, the land of fruits and nuts. I read something a long time ago of people stealing used cooking oil from restaurants storage tanks. They use it in their cars that can run off the stuff.
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"In 1942, a naval officer wrote a letter to Walt asking for a design for an emblem....."

My father did the same thing when he was in Ordinance in the U.S. Army during WWII. I'm sure untold other servicemen did also. I have what Disney sent to him and if I can find it I'll scan and upload. Hmmmm, donno if I can do that, if not I'll send it to Alex.

(This is going to drive me nuts trying to think of where it might be! Arrrrrrggggghhhhhh)

Nice post Alex.
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