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The tree is actually NOT eating the bicycle. It is simply growing around it.

If this is real, it was obviously set up a long, long time ago, and never touched since. Dubious, but not impossible.
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Excellent debate.
Poor Sid. You are suffering for art's sake.
I, too, don't think of the "krap" that gets put out today as equal to the classics.

I think of Picasso and Dali, who were capable of realistic work but chose another style, or the Impressionists before they invented Impressionism. They still used their technical skills, just in a different way. These days, you don't need a lot of skill, just "inspiration".

Michelangelo took years to paint the Sistine Chapel, years to create David. And Donatello's David looks a lot more homo-erotic to me, by the way. It's the helmet that accentuates his nakedness. Or maybe the way he's holding that sword.

A lot of sculpture was only designed by these greats, and completed by their apprentices. Sometimes, they can actually tell who sculpted what part.

An artist would starve today taking the attention and care required to create a piece on the scale of a Michelangelo.

And Brancusi sucks.
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Oh, only 4 wives at one time.

I guess that makes it okay, then.

I just found the article confusing when it mentioned eunuchs. At first read, it sounded like you had to be a eunuch to own a harem.

The equivalent of a harem today is polygamy, still being practised in some places, including the USA, but generally frowned upon as demeaning to women and abnormal.

As for Kublai Khan waging war against Islamic nations - even if he were Muslim, I doubt that would have stopped him. Muslims fight each other all the time.
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It wasn't always so, where the winners had to sign a paper promising not to sell their Oscars.

Harold Russell, born in Sidney, Nova Scotia, was famous for being the only person to win two Oscars for the same role.

He starred in "The Best Years of Our Lives", as a sailor who lost both hands in the war. Russell was qualified for this role due to the fact that he had lost both his hands working as a munitions expert in the war.

Now there's a neat fact for you.

According to Wikipedia,

In 1992, Russell needed money for his wife's medical expenses. In a controversial decision, he sold his Oscar to a private collector for $60,500. Russell defended his action, saying: "I don't know why anybody would be critical. My wife's health is much more important than sentimental reasons. The movie will be here, even if Oscar isn't." The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences now requires all Oscar recipients to sign an agreement forbidding them from selling their award.
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