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A home schooling high school science text claims that "them dinasaurs was aten by Noah and his family. The brontosaur and others was so stupid they would hide there head in a cloud and think they was safe from Noah and Ham."
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This procedure is not good enough. The berries should be left to soak overnight in a solution of 80% dish soap and 20% water. Next, each berry should be vigorously scrubbed with a mushroom brush, followed by picking off each seed with a SILVER needle (stainless steel is Devil's work).

Now one may safely eat the berry without the worry of incurring Divine wrath. Most likely.
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Poor moas. Elephant birds and dodos too. Europeans were not the only great destroyers- all peoples have a hand in the destruction of the Earth and its wonders.

Speaking of wonders, New Zealand is paradise on Earth.
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There is no excuse for circumcision. It is just male genital mutilation.

And why rabbis are permitted to perform it, and then suck on the penis until the blood flow stops is both extremely bizarre and dangerous.
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