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This experiment is interesting, but it means nothing unless the results are analyzed. Of course, I have no degree in the social sciences, but I believe that I'm just as qualified to have an opinion about human beings, seeing as how I am one.

Consider the fact that the kids were already on the bottom of a social hierarchy. They were order-takers and the teacher was an order-giver. Being at the bottom of a social hierarchy can adversely affect a person's mood, which can make it harder to learn and solve problems. The blue-eyed kids were placed in an even lower class, which made them even "dumber" than they were already.

On the other hand, being in a relatively higher class can adversely affect a person's empathy. Although the brown-eyed kids weren't elevated to a higher class, they did become a middle-class when the blue-eyed kids were demoted. As a result, the brown-eyed kids were happier and less empathic.

However, this experiment doesn't illustrate the positive effects of social equality. For that, we need to look at the Spanish Revolution. When class distinctions were abolished, the people became happier and more empathic, which increased their intelligence and productivity. The libertarian communes became freer, more prosperous, and more peaceful. Unfortunately, they were outnumbered by their fascist enemies and betrayed by their Marxist allies, thus leading to their defeat.

Compare the Spanish Revolution to the various Marxist revolutions that have occured, in which members of the lower-class replace the higher-class. This creates an even greater social hierarchy, which results in increased oppression, poverty, and strife.

Bear in mind that people have free will. Our position in society can influence our emotions, but it doesn't control us. If we treat people as equals, we can be happier and more empathic.
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Unless this post is missing something important, this study hasn't provided any worthwhile evidence that the fun men have while playing violent video games is necessarily linked to any urge to conquer. Above all else, we must keep in mind that video games aren't real. Aside from the mentally ill, the activities people enjoy doing in video games usually don't reflect what they would enjoy doing in real life. Believe it or not, most people are compassionate, not greedy. Unfortunately, it's the greedy people who usually rule over society, whether from the tops of glass towers or from the stink of dark alleyways.
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