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As with most evolutionary findings, the scientists present no evidence to support their story of how the plants changed from one into the other. They just assume the changes happened, then try to explain how it might have happened.

If you look at evolutionary theory objectively, the supposed proofs are not at all convincing. However, I acknowledge that evolution (little e) does happen, but Evolution (big E) does not.
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I think I must clear something up with the anti-creationism crowd here. Creationists/Intelligent Design scientists AGREE that the kind of "evolution" talked about here happens (i.e. variations of bananas).

The difference is whether the fruits we have today merely evolved from other fruits from a long time ago, or whether they evolved from primordial soup or aliens or whatever.

By the way: Intelligent Christians don't get their science from Kirk Cameron or whoever that other guy is in the video. I like Kirk, but he doesn't represent the Christians well is the science department.
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This will probably gain a huge following. It's too bad it's based on being anti-religion and anti-God, although these themes are suppressed for the movie.
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By your argument you should have no problem with murder. After all, what is one life compared to the other six billion?
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