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Interesting, but not practical in the States. There is room for only one car per house. On the plus side, it uses far less pavement per house than any other design.
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"The Movie Industry" is first and foremost a profit making enterprise. Perhaps we should compare the income generated by passing vs. non-passing movies.

Alternately, instead of looking at the movies that do not pass the test, we should focus on the ones that do.
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Isn't the space between theory and practice a wonderful playground? Everyone can be right. My brother and I have had variations on this discussion for 40 years.
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Dilettantes can do single tricks. Most pros switch from trick to trick because they worry the audience will figure them out or become bored. Cardini's magic is in his ability to do the same trick over and over, keeping our attention while still disguising the trick. Genius.
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eosha is close, but steer manure is the absolute best item to put on the snow. It contain enough natural ionic material to melt the snow on it own and will also absorb sunlight. When it is done, a quick sweeping off of the side walk and your grass is ready for spring growth.
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