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Ah yes- brings back sweet memories of tries and retries and cursing at our measurements and yelling at the machine for not doing what we wanted it to do before we had that one right, all by now more than 2 decades ago. Must still have mine laying around somewhere... :-D
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And then they are amazed as to wy more and more people desperately try to regain some of their privacy by going illegal when it come to getting income and wealth...
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I don't understand- I always thought that especially learning to swing and hit that ball correctly was all about that sport...? To me, this just seems like me going to play tennis and then using some kind of robot-arm to do the swinging of the racket for me...
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So? Tovarice you make pRoBLem aBout Notting...!
- F1Rst Aussi Vodka Bad Vodka- We Need All RunWay now...
- 2nd - Yoe haV Lllong RunWay- So- We Use...!
- T3rd We kNow hoW to uSe aiRpLain- We Njet so Sissy as You- aaaah little Mouse extra on plain you not fLy- No we use eveRy noek and cRanny - We noT sIssy- We fLy.


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No please no don't go there- Don't go into the "What is Art" discussion.... Because that is a discussion that is about as old as art itself. And all that time over all those millennia's really no definitive conclusion other than that it really is a discussion without end or conclusion has been reached.

...So let us please stick to the produce of mr. Norman Rockwell...
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Incredible! - I just found out that mostly I have my shoelaces in the pattern that vlearly communicates:

"I couldn't give a rat's-ass what you think about my shoelacing or my shoes..."
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He's The Watcher- The Man From Another Timedimension.
He's the one that in some future has found a way to check the dreams of a past.

Nothing special about that.
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OMG Hasn't anyone thought about the possibility of getting ideas into heads of deranged cpoycat mentalcases that are out there and will want to make actual human skin rugs of innocent victims...? Groce! Dangerous!
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He wasn't all that agressive.
The main reason why Da Vinci made so many drawings for weapons was because in those days his art didn't always sell that well. And because the Masters with the Cash mostly were doing battle (most of the citystates had wars with eachother), it completely made sence to advertise knowledge of how to make incredible invincible superweapons that could inspire fear into the opponent and give the user status, glory and an edge in battle.
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This is one in the "ThisisAMAzinJim!!!" category that the tv-addict avid couchpotatoes, elderly in need, the top-end obese and the handicapped will love to order...
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Say- How big were Opabinia and Hallucigenia...?
Are we talking inches or feet here...? I mean, dino's sometimes give me the creeps, but to think that something like Opabinia swam the oceans at a same size of a modern Great White shark.....?

...There goes my peaceful sleep.....
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