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I was a feeder at a nature center and we had a few ferrets there. The best thing about the job was giving the ferrets an egg and then watching them try to break it open. They got duck eggs (donated by a lady who raised ducks) which are a bit larger than hen's eggs so they couldn't crack them open with their jaws. They would try to bite them and they would roll them around and around until the egg would bash against the side of their cage. Then they would lie down and feast on the raw egg. They liked eggs more than anything else we could give them.
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Why hasn't anyone mentioned the Twilight Zone episode about a town trapped by an unknown force field that won't allow them to leave the city? A giant kid had placed a drinking glass over the town trapping them like ants on an ant hill and the sun was making it very hot for them. The giant kid got called away by her parents and took the glass with her and the town was again free. Odd that no one seems to recall that story.
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I was a fan of his for years and then I didn't see his paintings anymore. I thought he had died years ago. Does anyone know why he stopped painting or am I mistaken and just somehow missed his newer artwork?
So sorry to hear of his passing. My favorite painting of his was "SeaWitch". He truly had an incredible eye for detail. Although I usually had a good laugh over the non-existent clothing the women in his painting wore. In real life those bits of clothing would not have stayed on any body as soon as they moved in any direction.
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McTavish, you are correct. The "e" in whiskey denotes all whiskeys made in any other country than Scotland. If you want true, honest to goodness, real whisky from Scotland then you can tell by the label. "Whisky".
In Scotland there are entire islands that are devoted to making whisky. You can even go on the "Whisky Trail" (which is on the eastern mainland) and stop at many roadside whisky distilleries for a tour and samples of their products. My grandparents hailed from Scotland and Islay, an island west of the mainland, has whisky distilleries as their main source of income. Small island and about 9 distilleries. Good stuff!
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