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"Rock-a-bye baby
'bove the rooftops
when the rain blows
your wood beams will rot

When the beams break
the cage, it will fall
and down will come baby,
Caging and all"
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Yuck yuck yuck! Hate water bugs!

as for the rest of them...birds and frogs! Not surprising. Though I would hate to be a marmoset female giving birth to those twins x_x
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Good lord every time there's something even *vaguely* bad or morbid posted on here, people ask "uuuuh how is this 'neato'?"

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Reminds me a lot like Kobe beef...special diet, specially raised, except this stuff is aged and kobe is delicious straight off the cow :P

It sounds good, though...I almost wish I could eat ham just to try it!
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I'm not a huge fan of Spongebob, but I have it on a LOT. It makes good background noise. A while ago the Wall Street Journal had an editorial article about spongebob and patrick being gay, after an episode where they raise a scallop together and spongebob is the "mom" and patrick is the "dad". It was pretty humorous.
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Also, unless you have very specialized pumps, you can't easily milk any litter-bearing species. Just not enough milk out of each teat!

Young drinking milk is a mammalian trait, adults drinking milk (much less that of another species) is exclusively human. Almost all older animals become lactose intolerant to some degree, and humans likely were universally not exempt from that rule until 7500ish years ago. Now it's just far eastern and other non-dairy-consuming cultures (and people) that tend to develop lactose intolerance on a large scale.

(I'm a Dairy Science major who's studying for a Lactation exam right now. do excuse me :/)
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Whale milk would taste like...well, something like meaty lard in water. It's about 1/3 fat, and has a ridiculously high protein percentage as well. About 50% solids.

I don't know if that or gray seal milk would be worse...gray seal is over half fat and I think 70% solids. Blech.
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It's her choice to spend that much on flowers, and it's not up to someone else to determine what she spends HER money on. Yes, it's extravagant and unneeded, but in the end the florist fucked up, and seemed pretty shady to begin with (I've helped plan a couple weddings, and while we didn't spend THAT much, we were always given a set time to pay which was always either after we had seen the exact flowers that were going to be used or after the wedding itself).

Not that I support this asshat of a lawyer who spends more on flowers than lots of people make in a year, but she has rights, too.
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glad you caught that, zak...most people dont know that. L, there were several fat ones, the ones with the round bellies and stuff, but the majority after siddhartha were just normal-sized men, following the middle way.
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