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If I have to have a cellphone, I would like it to be this larger form factor but packed with all of today's goodies. Sure it would weigh a couple of pounds but the flip out 4x8 screen, keyboard, hd video @ 30 fps, projector, place to store your id and credit cards, scanner and printer would mean my total amount of crap would be less. Not to mention that I would be less likely to place it in the washer with my laundry...
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Honestly: Not 'neato'. Not even a little bit.
It's called 'Facebook' because the darn thing is chock full of face pics, no?
And what is up with the duck lips? bleckh.
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I noticed that the report of said 'charge' is not in the audio. Given the reputation how when swinging everyone is supposed to be uber quiet, I cannot believe that introducing a cap gun will go over very well. Perhaps with a warning such as one first anouncing, "FIRE IN THE HOLE!"?
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