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"The ultimate irony of Ockham’s razor may be that some have used it to prove God is unnecessary to the explanation of the universe, an idea Ockham the Franciscan priest would reject."

Let's see, the universe came into being billions of years ago from a single atom, which slowly but surely expanded into the universe as we know it. Somewhere along the way, space dust formed into what we now call Earth. At one point microbes simpler in function than even the simplest single-celled organism we can observe today somehow formed, and over millions of years accidentally formed into fish, which eventually grew appendages (and rudimentary lungs) that allowed them to flop onto land. Add a few more millions of years and eventually that organism grew into all the biological life forms we know today.

Or, God made it all.

Somehow I doubt anyone can honestly say Ockham's Razor proves the first belief over the second.
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