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I love it! As if this super-imposed, altered, missing signatures, mis-matching font, fonts having multiple graphic resolutions, super-imposed over some other background with matching watermark-covering information, missing authenticity seal...2 years to release...had already said the previous document released was "The Long Form" ...you know, the one Matthews held up and waved in front of everyone, as if it was the map to the holy grail! LOL! Yet still, again, and again, and again, even though his grandmother in Kenya swears to this day he was born in the very hospital that has a statue of him on the front lawn, in Kenya, the mainstream, all the establishment loving, boot licking bloggers, the sheeple, and everyone else that was waiting for some evidence that he was actually born in Hawaii...where ANYONE could have filed for a "Certificate of Live Birth" during the first couple years after becoming the 50th state in the union! LMAO!
When I first heard the news that he was having a fake birth certificate release party, (just like all the fake campaign speeches in the run for '08) the first thing I thought of was blogs like this one, and all the stumbling, bumbling, fumbling sheeple out there that were going to grovel over the "news" that would finally shut the horrible "truthers" up! LOL (as if asking questions, or demanding real answers is some sort of huge problem or big deal! LOL) Oh, we're sooooooo sorry for demanding accountability and truth from our elected representatives! EXCUUUUUUSE US! LOL
You brainwashed debunked-mainstream a$$-kissing sheeple nut-jobs really take the cake! Your foolishness and immaturity shows and grows more and more, each time a new Popular Science-Debunking the 9/11 Myths article, or fake campaign promise or red-handed media lie believed again, and again, and again...as if you love to be lied to and deceived, just so you can continue to live the lie for as long as you can possibly get away with it! LMAO! Good luck with that...your time is growing shorter and shorter...thanks to articles like this and the stupid sheeple that fall prey to it!
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