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In places where shoe removal is the norm, people have socks that are clean and in good shape, and/or feet that are clean, and it makes sense.

In places where it's not the norm, asking people to remove shoes can result in embarrassment and/or nastiness.

I have a pair of backyard shoes to deal with mud, grass stains, and potential dog poop. Those don't get worn throughout the house. Otherwise, it's shoes-optional.
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I think the answer is always: use your judgement. If anyone's had the Garlic Mizithra Spaghetti at Old Spaghetti Factory, they know the bacon is awesome there... but it wouldn't be very good in a marinara-based sauce.

Honestly I prefer bacon for its own merits, not as a condiment or seasoning. Couple of nice thick crispy slices with eggs, or a BLT. Not baconnaise, bacon salt, bacon chocolate, bacon ice cream, bacon lip gloss, bacon gum, gummy bacon bears, etc.
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Tropical fish aren't necessarily more difficult than goldfish. It's just that people have long abused goldfish (they really do need good sized tanks, decent filters, and frequent water changes -- really more so than many tropical fish because they eat more and produce more waste).
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"They" is so much less awkward than "he or she" or "he/she" and less ridiculous than defaulting to "he" or alternating.

And, let's not forget, there are people who do not identify as either male or female (I am one), and the other options out there for gender-neutral *specific* singular pronouns are universally terrible.

"They" is fine.
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Clean, drinkable water is a finite resource in some areas of the world. Globally though, we're probably not going to run out of water before we're screwed by something else.
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