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Anyone else notice the improper and unsafe procedure for reloading the weapon, ahem, club?
1 Cock the handle
2 Advance the Power Strip
3 Push the striker back in....

What? Why in the world would you first cock and load it, then handle the end that shoots out with enough force to drive a ball 2-300 yards? That's a liability just waiting for an accident.
"No, really Judge, I was just following the instructional video when I lost my finger."
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This was an odd experience for me. I have never seen an episode of Fat Albert, but I have seen Bill Cosby perform live. Strange to hear his voice in all of its intonations coming from different characters.
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Well now I have fodder to reason with a woman come marryin' time. I can first give her a history of why diamonds are incorrectly assosciated with mairrage and romance, then present her with a cheap second hand one that I purchased at incredible discount. She's sure to say yes to any proposal then. She can't argue with reason right?
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My dad was once detained for spitting off of the Skyway and held in one of the underground rooms until his mother arrived to retrieve him.

I've read the Jack Sparrow character's story on his blog before. Quite interesting and entertaining.

Oh, and if you stand or raise your hands at the right part of Splash Mountain then a voice will tell you "Sit Down!". I was present when a cousin showed that one off.
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What can I do? I can wiggle either ear independently of the other and hold them in the upright position for undetermined ammounts of time, do the 6 and 8 with no problem, touch tongue to elbow, do the one eyebrow thing (needs more work), and a few others. One of my specialties, however, is the arm bent from shoulder up around the head in front to touch the ear of the same side as the arm. I'm not sure I'm describing it clearly enough, but it certainly freaks people out to see it. That and the hands connected behind the back brought around front again while not letting go of each other.
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