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If you can be replaced by a robot, your job sucks/sucked.
Seriously... go do something with your life other than standing in an assembly line. You're better than that.
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I have some sort of auditory processing disorder, I forget the name.
When the house is quiet, I can hear a pin drop. I can distinguish a good variety of birdcalls from very very far away. I am very good at recognizing celeb voices in animated films, on radio etc.
However, If I'm on the phone and you talk to me at the same time, I can't understand what either person is saying. Its just a noise jumble.
If a fan is blowing, and it is louder than your voice then I can tell that you're saying something... I can hear you chirping away in high and low tones, but what the hell it is you're saying I don't know. The other noise is sort of jamming the signal.

Some people think I'm going deaf, no... I hear fine. I just have problems picking noises apart.
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As a woman, the last thing I want to see is women talking to each other. Period. Less women = better movie.
I think I'm just a catty bitch who hates other chicks, but it still dosn't change the fact.
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A really great artist even if he did have a little too much of: Busty woman crouched on/next to beast/warrior.

Fantasy and Science fiction artists never get the same recognition as classical painters and thats a shame. This guy was fantastic. :)
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