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You know you grew up in the 80s if you had a brother who would only enter your family station wagon by climbing on the hood then going through the front window and then climbing over the front seat to get to the back seat.

He did not use the door. Ever.
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I worked at a Borders and there were a lot of serial returners who were trying to pull off a scam. These people came by all the time trying to return piles of books so they could get a gift card and buy a dvd or something, then the next week they try to return the dvd or cd or whatever along with a bunch more books.

Then there were the people who would get all mad when they said they got this or that book as a gift and we could only give them 5 bucks because there was a big pile of them sitting in the bargain section.

I get annoyed when people give me a hassle for returning stuff but that's only because I almost never return stuff. I seriously do not understand stores that have a return policy that will take back anything (i.e. Kohls)like shredded up pants that reek of cigarette smoke, but that's just me.
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These 2 incidents probably received the most press, so I can't believe no one has mentioned them yet. When a beam fell off the Columbia and killed someone and when a little boy got seriously injured on Roger Rabbit.
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