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It's hard to take the Roman officer seriously when he sounds like Paul Frees. I keep thinking he's going to transition into the "Haunted Mansion" narrative or Boris Badenov.

"Yes, Caesar. We will capture Moose and slave!"
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It's art because a pretentious hack managed to fool a gullible museum director and cow a sheep-like public? Even if Rembrandt filled a tub with peanut butter, that wouldn't make it art.

When people can't tell the difference between art and garbage (because there literally is none), we've gone way too far down the post-modernist, deconstruction rabbit hole. Simply asserting "It's art!" doesn't make it so.
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Yes, to all the above.

Modern art is a largely a scam perpetrated on willing dupes. These artists play the role of the tailors in "The Emperor's New Clothes." When anyone dares to point out the emperor is naked, they're shouted down as philistines who don't "get" art.
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When I first saw this, I thought it read "Simple signals help aglets communicate."

I was intrigued by the idea of the little plastic covers at the end of the laces saying things like "I have brought someone with me," and I really wanted to find out who discovered their language and how the aglets managed to arrange themselves in these ways.
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