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Charity? they should just come to the US and rename themselves "GE2." Then they can pay zero taxes and NOT have to make a charitable donation to maintain the facade.
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I was a waiter in Club 33. I had my tongue cut out so that I could not speak of it and had my fingers removed so that I could not type about it. My toes were hacked off since that stupid "My Left Foot" movie came out and made Club 33 security think about people typing with their toes. I had my neck muscles severed so that I could not nod or shake my head thus I am unable to answer yes or no questions. I also had my eyes gouged out thanks to Steven Hawking showing off his "talk with eye movement" toy and had my nose cut off because... well... I don't know why. Club 33 security hacked and Krazy glued me to prevent me from telling anyone of my experience as a waiter there. I am now just a left elbow and a pancreas- everything else has been removed. It has taken me weeks to type this message. I am using the million monkey- million type writer method by hopping from one key to another random key in order to get this message out. So far I have hit every ket I need. ket? darnit!!!!
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For all you "sinners" above mocking the Catholic Church for their wealth-

Unlike you, the church NEEDS the wealth they have. When YOU are shelling out millions upon millions in pedophile suits and for snubbing the Jews in WWII Nazi Germany then YOU can say something about the churches wealth. Until then, pipe down.
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