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@Prairie Dog, I'm sorry, I've reread your post several times and it still seems to me like you are implying that movies made about or for women must be or always are about "relationships". I assume you mean romantic relationships, since any movie with just one character not interacting with anyone else would most likely be unwatchable. Isn't this the sort of bias that the Bechdel test sheds light upon? The bias that women are only interested in things like romantic relationships, aka men?
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This clearly isn't just a problem of action movies. "28 Days Later", an action/horror film, had very few characters, but two of its prominent characters were women. They took active roles in the story, and those roles were not defined by the men around them.

The point of this exercise isn't to get movie-makers to throw more women into their films, but to give women important roles independent of male agency.
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I find it deeply disturbing, because it suggests that movies--a major form of entertainment, art, and moneymaking--imply that stories of importance are generally about men or involve only men taking active roles.
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