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my daughters riding instructor did that but she pulled it off and the officer was so impressed he didn't ask her to walk a straight line. it's all about presentation.
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Could also be a form of camouflage that utilizes the optical characteristics of insect eyes so they see something else, like a glint of light or a messy (uninteresting) background.
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staring at the cross, the colors fade and the dots following the white dot disappear. more of the following dots disappear as I become more meditative/spaced. as I approach total nirvana/catatonia, they overtake the gray dot but at no time do they all disappear even as the white light overtakes me and an angelic choir descends from the floor above (that would be Rogers apartment and seems unlikely). just sayin'
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Henry & the pope had a problem about the church of england. The pope was undoubtedly mocking him as a stubborn fool. Maybe Henry was also a member of the oculist society, at least the pope thought he was.
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That formula might work for social herbivores in a productive environment but probably not for carnivores, even social ones. A mountain lion can need 100+ sq miles and they only weigh 80 lbs. Really lush and productive flora could support more prey animals but there's no info on where that might occur, certainly not everywhere.
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