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It was last year it came time to retire my twenty year old Mercury Grand Marquis with 220,000 miles. The engine and transmission were still in good was everything else that was falling apart. The cost of repairs would equal several new car payments, and by that rule of thumb, it was time to say adieu. The secret to longevity? Religious oil changes as recommended by the manufacturer on time, including engine and transmission. Sticking with the recommended fuel octane is another (87 octane for this vehicle). I also followed all the recommendations in the Jalopnick article except for turning off accessories -- modern cars in the past 30 years do this for you. In another 20 years, I hope to write the same with my current vehicle :)
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Ah the Internet, giving a voice to those who should never have one.These people are happy regardless of their financial situation and what others think. Happiness is often a choice we hold the power to make. The critics should bear that in mind. Cheers to the new couple and their friends.
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Jesus was not a zombie. He was not mindless for did he consume anyone. Nor was he a ghoul or a wight. Although his soul and intellect were intact, he was not a rotting corpse. He was not a vampire. While he turned wine into blood, he never drank from a person. Jesus was not a ghost or a wraith. He was corporeal and still had his wounds.
It is clear...Jesus was a lich.
A lich is created when a powerful magician or king striving for eternal life uses spells and/or rituals to bind his soul to his animated corpse and thereby achieves immortality. Liches are depicted as being clearly cadaverous, their bodies still bearing he wounds they received before their death. Liches often have the power of necromancy, which allowed them to bring the dead back to life.
Yeah...still too many games like that on Steam! :P
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I'll never forget the day Los Angeles KROQ morning radio hosts Kevin and Bean and their show beat news person, Ralph Garman pose as Jerry Lewis to try a phone call to then President Chirac. Much to their surprise...they got through! Needless to say, it caused an international incident, and a lawsuit from Jerry Lewis. Still, it was The...Best...Radio...Ever.
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Such a terrible idea, 30 years the movie industry has evolved... ideas, directing, cinematography, and acting are of significantly different styles and techniques. Still the big movie studios would much rather gamble their investment on something "known" than something new. It could certainly work if the franchise is completely reinvented for today's audiences, but I doubt it would be. Certainly not interested in seeing 60-something year old actors either try to act half their age or make jokes about getting older. Coming to America with Chris Rock or Donald Glover? Then I'd be interested.
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You'll be consenting in the EULA that the company can use your image any way they see fit **in perpetuity** so expect your mug to be on a billboard advertising Viagra pills. Most likely your images will be used to train AI in facial recognition. Didn't anyone bother to ask why is it free? Answer is, you're the product.
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