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It's not so much clean as it is dead. The bacteria that cause the bad smell died in the microwave, so in that sense it doesn't smell, but their corpses are still lodged in the sponge, so it's not really clean.
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"Your mom may think so, and she’s right. Well, partially anyhow."

No, and frankly you have to be a moron to think so. The only thing the study really establishes is that people who are "deviants" are more likely to be tattooed, not that tattoos turn people into deviants.

Deviant is a completely useless word as well considering that anything that is not normal is deviant and that no one is normal. It's physically impossible to be normal, you can strive for it but you will never achieve normality.

Further, what classifies as one, two, three or seven tattoos? If I tattoo my entire body in one coherent piece then all I have is one tattoo. If I tattoo seven small stars on my ankle but do them at different times then I have seven tattoos. This study obviously have holes the size of fieldgoals and should not be taken for anything more than a humorous piece on how to do a poor study.
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Though if you can get hold of it/make it yourself it's great fun to mess around with, if you know how. If you can't be safe don't do it. It's a bit like firecrackers, though instead of taking off a couple of fingers this has the potential to cause some major destruction if handled improperly.
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The main problem is in names, since you can never really know what a person is called, and if the randomized word becomes a new word (i.e. "salon" becoming "sloan" for instance).
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I wonder really how reliable that list is. I've heard other accounts of other people being the richest people in history, among them Alfred Nobel (of Nobel prize fame) which's inventions brought in some serious dough both to him and to his decendants over the years.
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Huh? I can lift my ring finger no problem when doing the above described test.

Also, I've been able to raise one eyebrow for as long as I can remember. It's a big part of my facial language.
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