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As someone whose Star Trek experience goes back to the original airing (I was 12 when it premiered), I loved Galaxy Quest. It was an affectionate send up of '60s Sci-fi TV tropes. Too bad the studio did not know what to do with it.
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Back in school, everyone involved in a fight received punishment, no matter who started it or why. It was policy. No amount of logic or facts would sway the administration. I am certain it was a way to get out of having to decide who was at fault and risk making a mistaken choice in who to punish.
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Four kids here - no improvement in self control from having to do them! I think it has more to do with learning how to keep things clean and how to take care of different kinds of stuff. Probably an even bigger deal to learn that life isn’t all pop tarts and skittles - sometimes you have to go do something boring or something you don’t really like to do!
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Self-control is only one facet of a child's personality development. While null results always add to our body of knowledge, there are plenty of other things that chores may contribute to, like socialization, responsibility, a sense of mastery, family bonding, etc.
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Code-switching is a thing that most people are pretty adept at. While polite manners are important in speaking to real people, they serve no purpose in talking to robots. Clarity and brevity are more important.
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I'm not the most sensitive, politically correct person ever. "Fishcake to Die For" as a headline seems extremely distasteful for a person who literally just lost his life. Not trying to police anyone. I guess I wanted to throw the thought out for future consideration. Or not, do what you will I guess.
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It's all relative. Any home looks nice to someone who lives with their parents, or in their car. Any white collar job, no matter how boring, looks good to someone coming home from their joe job only to work on their Uber or other side hustle to get by.
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This summer can't end fast enough for me. First week of September and it's going to be at or near 100 all week here, with humidity of 80%. Myself, I get the sadz at the end of winter, not summer, for spring in these parts lasts for about a week before it's at least 90 again.
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