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In Alaska there are places where the vegitation grows over small lakes making them look like plesant meadows but it's the ground is just like this. Falling in is a nightmare as you often find yourself under the mat of plants unable to surface.
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While the ice cream may not be eaten in space there are other foods that are which were preserved using the process developed for preserving the ice cream. There are a lot of technologies that get developed by NASA but never find application in space but make life better on earth.
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There is a part of me that wonders if this is more of an attempt by to white wash the past. Capcom is a Japanese Company. Japan has a lot of revisionism going on among their ruling party and in much of that there is an attempt to sanitize the past and make it look less like the Japanese were aggressors. While it has meant discarding some symbols of the past it also makes it easier for many folks in Japan to forget the terrible things their government and military did nearly sixty years ago.
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Earlier parts of the NASA Orion project suggested using nuclear powered engines to get to Mars as well. The challenge has always been people don't like the idea of nuclear power and tend to think it might fall on them so it gets nixed pretty quick.
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