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LOL, so they admit they lied about having end-to-end encryption. Then they couldn't just use one of the open source tools available, or even a commercial solution. They went out and bought a whole company.
THEN they want everyone to pay for a feature they claimed to have already had. Not just the hosts or organizers of the meeting, no. Everyone. Every single attendee. Then on top of all that, half the features of their service will stop working. Brilliant!
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I would argue that common sense is actually quite common, but the application of it is not. And there's studies that suggest as much. In recent studies, researchers have found that despite people knowing the *right way*, or *better way*, they do it the wrong way (or less than ideal) way anyway. Which perfectly couches with my belief on free will - that people have much less free will than they think they do. What they lack in free will, they have plenty of self determinism, regardless of what information they have.
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This sort of article isn't really part of the "Neat" aspect of "Neatorama". And the summary leaves out that it was a black student who "believes he was singled out in class because of his race, and that he feared for his safety when police were called", and that 'More than 100 faculty members signed a letter to the student newspaper “condemning the misuse of police in the classroom, calling out the institutional racism behind it, and telling you, our students, that we are with you.”' - quotes from .
Which makes it rather not neat.
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Yeah, as someone with celiac disease, it annoys me to no end when things like this are labeled as gluten free. It's popcorn, it had better be gluten free. It's just turning into another stupid buzzword that people automatically assume is healthy when it actually has a very specific meaning that does not necessarily mean something is healthy. In fact, many gluten free products are loaded with fat and sugar to make them actually taste good.
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"Whatever the reason was, it's still unknown and nobody has any knowledge of what happened to the residents of that rural village." In fact, nobody has any knowledge if the unnamed village ever existed. There. I fixed it for you .Considering the source, Mysterious Universe, a website devoted to all sorts of new age claptrap, I would be very surprised if the whole story was not completely made up.
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