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No joke! Samsung already has 32" monitors with 240 hz refresh rates. They have large TVs that do higher refresh rates as well.
The only thing special here is that it's OLED. Even so, the 90 hz refresh rate is just odd and not a frequency doubling of 30 fps. Plus it's small. Color me unimpressed.
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Any home with a flat roof will not last for generations. Combining that with wooden ceilings is guaranteeing a very expensive repair within 50 years.
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Despite common sense, orchids are not parasites - roots wrapped in logs naturally give us that impression. Most of them use tree trunks to attach themselves or look for decomposing material in the soil. Some orchids ask for a little less: a small space between two stones is enough to fix their roots and wait for nutrients carried by the wind, rain or insects. Colors, shapes, smells and tricks to attract pollinators are amazing! Even if it looks like a Sci-Fi allien... 
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As a long-time gravy maker, the only thing that squicks me out here is the water mixed with cracklins. Cracklins are a necessary source of fat, and good for flavoring your gravy with your meat. The packet is flour, dried chicken broth, and spices. The ingredients are "secret" because of the "11 herbs and spices" myth.
Making gravy at home, the cracklins (or other fat source) and flour are mixed first, with the liquid (should be broth) added afterward.
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This kind of adding microtransactions after release should simply be illegal.You want to help players progress faster, make the boosters free, put in a cheat code like the old days.Let people play the game like they want, they paid for it.
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The business types have it all dialed in now. You make a game that is JUST fun enough to enjoy, but annoying enough to make people want to buy these "booster packs."

If the game was really fun then people would gladly sit and slog through the grind because they were having a good time. If you make the game suck too much then people just quit playing. So their answer is "make it fun, but make it really slow to progress."

On top of that, they know people complained about the last time they did this so they plan in advance to release it without the microtransactions. Game reviews praise the game for not having them. A month later, BAM! Microtransactions galore. Pay up or spend 200 hours grinding repetitive copy/paste quests.
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Lol, 300 meters ... that's an electric meter, a water meter, a speedometer, a tachometer ... and 296 more meters. I wonder how high that plane was in metres. By all means use our words, but please do not rearrange the letters.
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Ok, thanks, but I do wonder about assigning a gender to a imaginary sky beast.Also, if we flow with the 'sky wizard; theme, we could have 'sky witch' which witch would could be thee ultimate slip of the tongue to become 'sky bitch' !How'dya like them god's little apples ?
P.S. With 'magic sky man', should we not follow accepted practise and say 'sky magic man' ?I mean, the sky IS magic but we were meaning more that the guy in the sky is magic, yes ?
High intelligence can be a burden, Eric, it sometimes brings out the animals and makes me wear a blouse of the rising bunnies, please don't let me be misunderstood.
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