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It's apparently quite common (ps4 for example) that games have multiple copies of the same file/data, as having it alongside other data on a hard drive makes it quicker to load. This means you can have dozens or more copies of the same texture (for eg) if it is used in multiple areas, but having to read it from a different location might mean a loading screen instead of a seamless transition. etc.
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That's it, when I get into the astronaut program and into space (it's bound to happen sometime soon, they've had decades to ask me, can't be long now!) I'll take that bullet and gladly consume some up there, from my own weight allowance. Gotta make it right for all the kids!
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.. a nice idea, but perhaps they instead need a breakup app for ships/shores? "Is your relationship all washed up? Feeling beached in the seas of love? There's plenty more ships in the suez!"
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You seem to have the wrong idea about available refresh rates. LED screens for desktops and laptops/notebooks regularly run at 100-120 and can come in refresh rates twice that (or more). Active shutter type 3D tech relies upon it for example.
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