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Okay, probably my last post here before I delete this page from my browser. Keep your politics out of the feed, is my advice. This is a child. She can't POSSIBLY know the science behind climatology. She is being used by the media to propagate fear and panic. She says "I should be in school!" ... why isn't she? Her parents should be brought up on charges for ruining her childhood by brainwashing her so much. And before you say to me "She's just a child! How dare you comment about her!" I have two responses to that. 1) The boy that leftists wanted to punch so much for smirking at the native American who got right in his face? Yeah, SAME AGE AS THIS GIRL. You hypocrites. 2) If she's going to discuss global issues with the world, she had better be prepared for the world to debate her...child or not.
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This product is so over-processed that it's actually far worse for you than just eating a hamburger. There's 430mg of sodium in "impossible" meat. There's 67.2mg of sodium in hamburger meat. 220 calories per patty, vs 197 per real meat. And 10 grams of saturated fat in the fake stuff vs 4.5 in real hamburger. This stuff is disgusting.
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It amazes me that no one ever mentions the boys of that school. EVERYONE is all "awww poor little girls" and you never hear about the 200 boys that were lined up against the school wall and burned alive with flame throwers. Because boys don't matter.
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