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Look at the really old Garfields that Davis drew before others took over that job. The artwork is poor, the plots perfunctory and the jokes lame and repetitive. It not being funny is true but the 'I meant to do that' explanation is lame. Being first has distinct advantages over being best; just ask Bill Gates. As I understand it, today Davis does no writing or artwork, but he personally does all of the $$ counting.

So what's Simon's Cat's excuse?
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'Neat' to be sure, but I've always wondered just what ultimately happens to these things. Do they get stuck in sand dunes? Do they get stuck in the water? Do they lock up due to sand in the joints? Or do they keep going so long as there is an open beach?
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I once had a dachshund who ate cantaloupe. Actually, she would eat anything except onions. Never tried peaches but I'm sure she would have eaten them too.
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Columbia dumped the Stooges in 1958, not 1957. They weren't fired; their contract expired and Columbia simply refused to renew it.

The really sad part is that the Stooges got no residuals from reruns, again thanks to Columbia's malignant management. Even today, Sony wants to charge you $1.99 for the privilege of watching an 80+ year old Stooges short on YouTube.
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I live in Fort Bend County and McMansions are, well, everywhere. This is the most $$$ listing on Zillow at the moment, to give you an idea as to what goes on around here. Note who once owned this - and you wonder why Medicare is going broke.

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The famous book Texas History Movies goes into great detail about Sam Houston's personal life and is the source for what I posted earlier. No Texas historian should be without this book, which taught generations of Texas schoolchildren more than they should have known. The period encompassed is from circa 1500 to 1928, when the book was first published. This is the one I have; get yours today - you won't be sorry!

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Sam Houston was rumored to have a never-healing oozing wound that resulted from his early military service (and he was also badly wounded at the battle of San Jacinto), one which allegedly caused at least one of his wives to leave him. One of them did so virtually overnight, and Houston whereupon ordered his bodyguards to shoot anyone he heard discussing the various rumors why.
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Anyone ever been to a Joe's Crab Shack? The music is extremely loud and geared toward young people. We once asked that the volume be lowered, and this during an off-hour. They refused and so we left for another venue. Haven't been back since.

I'm so old that I remember when fine dining included soft piano music tinkling throughout the restaurant.
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Fact #22 from the IMDb:

In 1993, he married Joan Dangerfield (aka Joan Child), a woman thirty years younger than him, and a Mormon.
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