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"Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving, and revolving at nine hundred miles an hour. That's orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it's reckoned, a sun that is the source of all our power. The sun, and you and me, and all the stars that we can see, are moving at a million miles a day, in an outer spiral arm, at forty thousand miles an hour, of this galaxy we call the Milky Way..."
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Doesn't really surprise me. Thing about kids is, yeah their brain isn't as solidified as ours, but that's also a advantage. It means their mind is more free to try new things, to come up with solutions. I see it all the time with young guys we hire at my job. They have 20 solutions for every situation. Granted they're not all good solutions.
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I can read the words above, but honestly, they’re making no sense whatsoever! Is the implication that getting a tattoo something that happens on the spur of the moment? I guess there are tattooists who will happily do drop-in work, but the majority have long waiting lists, and often there are gaps of several months between appointments even for existing clients. And as for a comparison with Dorito chips being cheap, well, if you know someone who does quick ‘stick and poke’ tattoos for the price of a couple of beers, yeah, I guess so, but the tattoo studio I go to, who aren’t the most expensive but still good quality, charge £50/hour, or roughly $70. My next two, which won’t be until next month, will cost about £70-80, and my next one after that about £250.Hardly a cheap snack! They like me as a client, because I come fully prepared with exactly the design I want and artwork already prepared, which saves them a lot of time. Most of mine were done 15-20 years ago, but the recent ones I’ve had in mind for almost as long. Again, the best tats are the ones most thought about before hand.
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We only got ABC and NBC and a Canadian station when we went outside and turned the antenna toward the North. Every once in a while, if atmospheric conditions were just right, we would get a channel from the Midwest. Now, my parents get tv channels and internet with satellite dishes.
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