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I think what he is trying to say has nothing to do with the cost of the tattoo, but with the amount of effort of thinking about what kind to get. Immediate gratification. You see something, and don't think about if it is a good idea to get it done. A person doesn't want to feel hungry, so they get the chips from the kitchen instead of the food that is best for them, just so that they do not feel hungry. At the time they don't care about the consequences, but there will be consequences later on.
So for tattoos, people see something on another person, or in a book, and decide that's the one they want, not thinking about the future implications. Those Tattoos are the "Chips in the kitchen". It would be better to wait for that person to see if their feelings change or that of the trends, but they don't. Or if there is something better out there. I research cars to death when I buy a new one. Something might look cool but is it worth the price and financial pain later on because what is under the hood is junk?
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I wouldn't play it at a wedding, but that's not the purpose of the song. On study.com they said it was written in response to someone telling Billy Joel that it was more difficult to grow up in the 80s. Billy Joel was showing all the conflicts and difficulties since his birth in the 40s to prove a point. So the musical style fits the purpose of the song. The song had to be fast pace , panicky, and anxiety inducing to get through the list of events (around 120 or so) and express the feeling of the events. In that sense, it's a great song and one that I have always liked and appreciated. Thought provoking too:. What would we write in it today? Stings equivalent to this song would be "I Hope the Russians love their Children too".
We are always quoting "We Didn't Start the Fire" around the home. I think another article on Neatorama said a song with a repetitive lyrics also is more likely to reach the top 10 charts, so that could be a possibility too.
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I have never seen the three houses version of the sign. Our area has an owl icon on it, but always found the design interesting and neat. This one is just nightmarish.
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I get crumbs and dust in between the keys of my computer outside of the kitchen. I could only image what I would find if it was in the kitchen. Even with a tablet, with the way the kitchen looks after using it to get dinner ready, I don't think it's a good place for electronics. And who wants to hear that dinner is going to be late by 2 hours because Windows had to update first?
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