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First of all it's just a fluke that this guy is at the top. He obviously didn't lose his job in the recession nor did some other problem create havoc for his financial situation. Good for him. However there are people that don't have a mortgage, pay cash and have good retirement savings that have a much lower score. Credit scores are arbitrary otherwise your score would be exactly the same at all three reporting agencies. Anybody with a credit score above 700 shouldn't lose any sleep over it. Anything over 750 is very good.
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davelog got it right. Mandatory tip = surcharge. When did tipping become an expected part of their wages anyway? Maybe it's time the restraunt owners start to pay a decent wage instead of me paying them for the meal and then paying the person who brings it to me seperately. Oh and I don't need to work as a waiter. I already work in a "service to customers" type job and nobody ever thinks of tipping me.
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No parent, or the kid themselves, needs to be told that they are fat. This is just another attempt by the people in power, real or imagined, to tell everyone that they know what's best for the general public. Are there overweight kids? Of course. Are ther underweight kids? Of course. Everybody is different and we as a society need to recognize that some people are always going to be over weight and that is not necessarily from excessive eating. Haven't we all seen people that can eat anything and everything and not be fat? Haven't we all see other people that seem to gain weight from an average diet? People are different and their bodies react differently to food. When my brother was 18 he was 5'7" tall and weighed 92lbs. When I was 18 I was 6'1" and weighed 200lbs. He never liked food that much and I never met a food I didn't like.
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