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I don't think you can call them bad owners for returning a dog that they felt threatened their children's safety. I do a lot of animal rescue (mostly cats) and have fostered dogs, and sometimes the dog adopted out doesn't fit.

It is as much the fault of the Humane Society for not properly matching the family to the dog as it is the family for not being able to handle the dog.
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It's a ridiculous way to add safety to a party. It only detects the alcohol on your breath, and that means if you drink a bunch and then gargle and suck Lifesavers for a while it'll nix it. People who are drunk but haven't had a sip in a while might see the bag and say, "Hey, I'm good to drive."

A significantly better way to make the party safer is just to not drive if you drink.
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"New Jersey is well known for its toll roads ..."
Yes, we have the Parkway, the Turnpike and a very small section of the Atlantic City Parkway ... but that's it. The reason we're known for out toll roads is because people drive through our state rather than staying to see the Pine Barrens, the dozens of Revolutionary War battlefields, our incredible museums, our fantastic shore, the stunning Delaware Water Gap, our technological history, or environmental diversity, our championship sports teams, our internationally renowned academic institutions, etc.

They get on the Parkway at the Delaware or PA border and drive to New York City, or the reverse.

And that's the way we like it. The rest of y'all stay on the highways, pay the tolls, buy gas to pay for taxes for the rest of our roads, and leave us to enjoy one of the greatest places to live in the United States.
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I remember playing war as a kid and we did horrible things to the "other side", on par with those executions. We were playing, acting out things we were unsure of and learning in the process.

Kids need to explore the dark things in their heads in order to understand them and get them out. If they do it in play, it's safe. If they are forbidden to do so, bad things result in the real world.
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