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Because I'm a nerd...The Eagles felt the same way the Ents did. They were not wanting to get involved as they thought it was a human problem that didn't concern them.
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I'm current on Black Bullet. I'm kinda on the fence about it. I have started Blade and Soul though, and I am liking it. I just finished Golden Time and found it really enjoyable.
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I listen to a lot of interviews from people from all walks of life. I've grown to hate listening to people constantly saying "like" "kind of" and "you know." This being the UK, i'm surprised they didn't also ban "summit."
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i kinda liked the village.... but i actually saw stir of echos right before i saw this one... which got compared to it a lot since they both came out around the same time... so i was tainted on actually liking the sixth sense... however...ive never been able to sit through 6th sense since the initial viewing..and i did just sith through Stir a few weeks ago...
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also... i was picturing darwin hunched over wringing his hands and licking his lips while he is watching the turtles being herded onto the ship.. im so gonna have to draw that now..
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