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Not only big, but apparently magical.

Look close at the photo (zoom in 200-300%) and you can see a nice halo of smeared pixels all around that big bird. Yet somehow, all those tombstones don't have that effect.

Since people are oh so sure it's not photoshopped then that bird must have the aura of national pride surrounding it. Way better then a double rainbow.

People are so gullible - patriotic fops for the sake of patriotism, even more so.
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So for disobeying a Navy rule (and just plain common sense) and getting killed by being on one of many boats involved in a battle they get all kinds of posthumous awards and accolades.

Maybe America should try promoting/honoring INTELLIGENCE instead of blind stupidity.
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More like $7 million or so (300 lbs gold and 300 lbs silver). Anything more then 300lbs each and the chests would break, plus he wouldn't be able to haul them.
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