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So, would you rather people tried to eradicate rats with poison? Not only does that kill non-target animals, but rats develop resistance to it. I know this seems cruel, but rats are vermin. Clearly you have never had to deal with a rat infestation.
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There is also the fact that smartphones have the potential to short-circuit the plot of many movie genres -- for example, the group of random people encountering the creature out in the woods, and no one believes their story afterward... except they had smartphones, and they've got more than a dozen pictures of it. Or being lost... except that they have a smartphone, and GPS and Google Maps shows them where they need to go. Or they're injured out in the boonies, and have to try to survive with a crippling injury... except that they have a smartphone, and can just call for help. When the characters in a movie have smartphones, the script has to go through gyrations to set things up so that the smartphone is useless, in order to prevent them from derailing the plot.
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It's not the authoritarian and cruel part that makes 1984 so memorable. After all, like you said, Colin, there's a long list of autocratic, authoritarian and cruel empires/societies/governments throughout history. It's the absurdity of it, particularly how language is used as a tool of repression. That's how the English language got the terms Big Brother, doublethink, Newspeak, thoughtcrime, etc (as part of the "Orwellian" adjective).
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Come on people! This is Facebook! Its famous ceo was advertizing that there was no private life at the time! In the small prints it was said that all picture you put would belong to them!
I condemn people who are signing for something without reading the fine prints! It's like sleeping with a cute girl with no proctection and complaining after about std....
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The glue that held the label to the can are like fingerprints. Match the glue pattern left on the can to a label and tape it back on.
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