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Ah, the heck with it. You can sleep again tomorrow.
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F-you 2016:
The video link won't accept the time mark, and I can't get rid of the video embedded, so, use the link above to skip to the relevant part. Lesson learned for embedding videos in comments here...
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I'd add retirement planning as moderately easy to grow up without learning, but pretty bad if you never learn. Very easy to get started way too late because it's so hard to see 50 years out when you're 20.
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Indeed. I avoid all those shows that focus on the whole "most vicious predator" or other wildlife gore-fests. Not exactly gonna be interested seeing it here either. If it's incidental to the program and not the sole focus, it's not as big a deal for me.
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My dog seems to figure out where we're going about a half mile or so from our destination. I'm sure scent has more to do with it than anything else.
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I have some mixed feelings about these guidelines.
I started my first job at 15. I got my driver's license at 15. I also had free reign to travel anywhere in town when I was 7. I frequently explored abandoned military outposts when I was a kid, and even found buried relics from those same outposts that eventually wound up in a museum. That being said, I also had to carry my brother after he sliced open his foot on one of those excursions, ain't all good.
Learned to swim at age 5, so rivers and stuff weren't a problem. I guess there isn't a good chart for this type of thing. The best option is to teach kids early on how to deal with life. Training them to swim, avoid poison, and avoid traffic are probably the best options. Life is dangerous. There's no way to protect your kids forever. Nobody makes it out alive.
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