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As a cost saving measure, it would be far cheaper to pay for these drugs than the costs of HIV infections. If you want to keep insurance premiums down, disease prevention is the best way to do it.
Same goes for birth control. Babies are expensive!
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Earbuds existed way more than 20 years ago. I remember them being available when I was a kid in the '80s. Even Wikipedia agrees and says "The use of the term earbuds, which has been around since at least 1984.."

Now, popularity on the other hand still explains mostly everything, but that still doesn't tell the whole story. I've known people that have had to forego high-end ear covering headphones due to temporary hearing loss directly associated with them. They've had to move to open-air headphones. Apparently the loss of air circulation caused buildup of wax and inflammation.

Hearing loss due to overly loud headphones is still the main driver, and earbuds just make it that much more pronounced due to the sealed airway. However, for some people simply sealing the ear is enough to cause issues.
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Then we threw it all away on a diet heavy in salt and sugar. None of the produce growers compete on flavor. They all grow stuff that ships well, resists bugs and pesticide, and appears fresher longer instead of being tasty. Tomatoes now bounce when you drop them.
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While I agree with you for the most part, I think there is a benefit to articles like this.
I don't think it's about people who won't change. It's about everyone else. If it can help arm people with knowledge before they encounter someone who will try to steer them towards race-based groups, it might just make a difference.
Though, I think you're right about likely site demographics. I doubt many racial supremacists would visit here regularly and they certainly wouldn't read an article like this.
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I really don't like the first chart. It makes the energy drinks look "less problematic" because they're colored green and have shorter bars. The second chart has the same color issue.
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Exactly. There is no substitute for knowing where you're going and planning ahead.
I have had to tell my previous roommate several times to ignore Google Maps. Around here, it will put you on a toll road or city surface streets to shave a single minute off your route. Occasionally it even treats parking lots as if they were roads. :P
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While dodgeball CAN be an issue, it doesn't have to be. We only played it at recess, not gym class, so all participation was voluntary.
As long as the ball isn't too hard and you keep the distance far enough to keep the throws from being too hard, it can be a fun game. Personally, I liked being up on the wall since I was often the last man standing. I wasn't quite so good at throwing.
In any case, perhaps it would be best if additional options were available at the same time for those students that want to opt out of the game.
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Looks like there's a trailing underscore that snuck in there. Try:
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If I were the neighbor to someone who bought the house and repainted it to black, I'd go over and shake their hand for improving the neighborhood.
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