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This is an incredibly complex subject. Being wealthy and healthy is generally part of being attractive. Suffice to say, on average, being overweight isn't great for your health. Being obese is worse.

In days long past, only rich people could afford to eat enough to be overweight, thus "attractive" in the sense that they were likely to be reasonably well off, financially speaking. These days it is easy to become overweight with junk food, but in the past you had to eat "real food." So, being overweight isn't really giving you the whole picture anymore.

I think fat-shaming is actively harmful and can lead people into eating disorders, depression, and worse. I don't think we should be criticizing others for their weight, nor should we glorify unhealthy lifestyles. Live and let live, but give people the best information we have so they can make informed decisions.
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It looks to me like they had a better time at the wedding than I did. Not everyone needs a big-budget, picture-perfect wedding to be happy.
I say, "Congrats to the new couple!"
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This year is spectacular. I'm laughing so hard I'm in tears, and I think I woke up my roommate.
Do NOT open that Cake Wrecks link while sipping your eggnog!!!
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Sure, they're offering replacement for free, this time...
This is one of the reasons I won't buy an Amazon Echo or Google Home. If someone else can turn off your device, they're services, not products.

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Back in school, everyone involved in a fight received punishment, no matter who started it or why. It was policy. No amount of logic or facts would sway the administration. I am certain it was a way to get out of having to decide who was at fault and risk making a mistaken choice in who to punish.
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Yeah, I hear ya. Still, when I worked at a call center there were more than a few customers that demanded to speak to my supervisor. Never once was I concerned about fallout from it because our managers were all non-technical. So long as you did your job right, the managers would listen to the complaints and put you back on the line to finish the call. Someone doing something worth getting fired over was an incredibly rare thing.
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I love these articles. I wish we would see more movies made about women spies. The stories are at least as incredible and heroic as the ones involving men.
I just wish Hollywood producers would stop adding love stories into films that don't need them. It's always distracting and harrowing tales of survival like this one wouldn't need it anyway.
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As a cost saving measure, it would be far cheaper to pay for these drugs than the costs of HIV infections. If you want to keep insurance premiums down, disease prevention is the best way to do it.
Same goes for birth control. Babies are expensive!
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