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That scan of the "pardon" is entertaining. I think there are more lines with spelling mistakes than without.
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I remember being introduced to horror via John Carpenter's "The Thing" when I was a kid. Specifically the electro-shocks to the chest scene. Nightmares for weeks... but that still didn't stop me from enjoying the movie years later once I could handle it. Even "The Secret of Nimh" had some scary themes and scenes for a kid.
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My biggest disappointment with the prequels was the failure to live up to the expectations set before the first one even hit theaters. I was sold this idea that it was basically Darth Vader's origin story, but the delivery was so unbelievably weak all I got was disappointment and Jar Jar.
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Having worked in jobs where locations were maintained across the globe, time zones were one of the toughest things to deal with. Originally, we kept times on servers local to the location. This kept customers happy, but caused other issues. Every support team had to translate the time to their own locale. It was double the pain when you have to work across teams. This was even harder when individual countries would update time zone rules for short periods of time(EX. Egypt would change it for ramadan which is different every year).

Eventually we decided "set everything to UTC!" Still a pain, but at least you only have to do one conversion to local time instead of constantly looking it up.
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There's a lot going on influencing this stuff, though I can't address how much the neutering has had on this type of situation.From what I can tell some of it is the buyer's selfishness and pride. They want the trendiest pet/most unique/cutest pet.

Some of it is selfishness and greed on the part of breeders. They can get the most money selling these high-value deformities by breeding more of them to each other. Throw-away runts and defects are handed off to the local animal shelter for other people to deal with(just like this story). It even goes in waves. Just watch which breeds wind up in large numbers in shelters a few months after a big hit movie comes out like 101 Dalmatians or Beverly Hills Chihuahua.
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OMG, I wonder if "RJ" was the kid of this one woman I used to work with. She complained about how hard it was to feed her kid because he got upset when he found out animals were killed for meat. So, she convinced her little kid that the food wasn't the same thing.
She told us about one dinner where she told the family the dish was chicken spaghetti. Her kid asked, "Chicken the animal or chicken the food?" She replied, "Chicken the food, honey." "OK." was the reply.
I wondered how much mental anguish and other issues she was setting up for him...
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Even worse is direct and undetectable commands hidden in audio:
"A group of students from University of California, Berkeley, and Georgetown University showed in 2016 that they could hide commands in white noise played over loudspeakers and through YouTube videos to get smart devices to turn on airplane mode or open a website.

This month, some of those Berkeley researchers published a research paper that went further, saying they could embed commands directly into recordings of music or spoken text."
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Interesting! I remember seeing it posted here first. There's enough motivation and open-ended plot there to do it right. I hope it's as good as the short!
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Excellent. I saw this when it first came out and I'm glad to hear it finally made it. Honestly, it had been so long I'd given up hope that it would ever be turned into a series.
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I've only seen two, The Royal Tenenbaums and Fantastic Mr. Fox. While the vibe was similar, I found Fox was far more enjoyable than Tenenbaums. Both had a strong family conflict situation to deal with, but Tenenbaums felt like a character study in unlikable people. There was nobody I felt like I could root for, and I would only recommend it to film critics.
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