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Universe did not start with a huge explosion.. You can think of it as explosion to imagine big bang but it certainly was not an explosion.. Just from the top of my head, explosion involves matter, matter did not exist before, thus, no explosion can occur. I hate those kinds of questions that involve semantics, even mensa tests has them.
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Or some wise ass is turning it while the security cam is between frames... If you look at the video you can see that every time the statue starts to move there's one guy who goes back and forth.
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Very important work, not just apples but the origin of many species of plants we grow now are going to extinct. We have the current phenotype that's suitable for conditions that are happening right now but the parents of those phenotypes are more suitable for cultivating strains for changing conditions. We might have to start that process all over again some day in the very near future, we need those "original" DNA strains to be well preserved and not our interpretation of that organism, which is "right here, right now" suitable variety.
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Don't you think they tried to to those things? Some cars won't allow you to change gears or any other action that might damage the vehicle (idiotproofing isn't always a good thing..)

The problem is that with all the drive-by-wire digital technology they've forgotten the one thing that can stop every machine: main switch. Analog, simple mechanical switch that turns ALL the power off even if it damages the machine. The three rules of robotics are simply forgotten, the machine can die if it means a humanbeing stays alive. That was the first thing i complained when i saw the first keyless car; what if you need to shut it down and the system is unresponsive, the lack of main switch is just baffling.. The cost of the part and wiring is in tens of euros or less. The cost of control units, both hardware and software, sensors, wiring etc is in thousands.
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