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I nominate a zero... a western town meaner than #1 Diablo Canyon. A town so out of control that any law enforcement is killed in hours, if not days.

It is modern day Ciudad Juárez, across the river from El Paso, Texas. There have been over 1000 murders in 2011 alone, and we still have 6 weeks left in 2011. There were over 1200 murders in 2010. There are mass murders, thousands of kidnappings. Any lawman that is not on the payroll of the crime gangs is killed instantly.
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I use to sail all the time in that area. I always believed it to be exaggerations. Of the real lost planes and ships, I attribute them to three things:

(1) Navigation errors (human error). There are a lot of idiots in this area who know nothing about boating.

(2) White Squalls. I've been in a couple. They are super intense thunderstorms. They only last a few minutes. Everything turns white and you can tell where the ocean and rain separate. If you don't have good equipment, or panic, you will sink. I'd hate to fly through one in a small plane. It would slam you into the sea. It is sort of like being hit by a tornado.

(3) Narco Pirates (in the 70s and 80s). This explains the boat disappearances on perfect clear days. A little fast speedboat runs up, shoots all aboard, and then they use your boat for a one time drug run from Columbia. Takes all of 30 seconds, no time for distress calls. They don't care, and they sink the boat after the run and just pirate another one for their next job.
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