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These bogus claims are so tiresome. The ancient Egyptians' knowledge of concrete is IRRELEVANT! The pyramids are made from cut blocks of limestone that have known and identified fossils that are MILLIONS of years old. It did not take alien technology or time travelers or any other bulls!t. They used decades of time and hundreds of thousands of slaves to build them. Period.
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That's not a restoration. That is making a little knife out of a rusty piece of metal. The root word of restoration is "restore". In this film, the finished product is much different than the original.
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Folks there's no snake in the upper picture, even a blurry one would leave a light colored smudge. I copied both pictures to a picture viewer, the stick & leaves line up but there's nothing that might be a snake like the lower pic shows. I call Bull, it's clickbait.
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You are correct Cluck. The original photo isn't as blurry. Even when I found the original, you still can barely see anything. Once people circled where the snake was, you can barely see anything at all. I don't think it says anything about a persons ability to spot a snake - it's just a bad zoomed out photo.
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So people must have a completely different version of that first photo because it doesn't have the resolution or focus to pick that out
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