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Here's one of those questions that will totally blow the minds of those who smoke pot:

Will Shark Tank ever Jump the Shark? Or will they ever Tank?
Far out man!!
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Simpsons jumped the shark very clearly at the start of season 13, LONG before the awful movie came out. The stories became heavy handed moralizing, the scripts were painfully unfunny and didn't even make sense how they got from point A to B, and the characters all completely changed into empty shells that do whatever stupid action the writer needs, regardless of the character development. Matt Groening admitted in interviews that while ratings were down, and critical reception was awful, that he still preferred the new direction and intended to keep it up. Hence the death of the Simpsons.
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I could list any number of dramas that went on too long: Castle, Law and Order, CSI, almost all Star Treks. The interesting question is not 'that' they jumped the shark but 'why'. Which is why I love theses comments as well as the article. Keep them coming, Eddie.

And, Jonas G., I think you have a bit too much of a personal investment in TV. Hunt down that hot, blonde secretary and ask her out.
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Agree 100% with the Andy Griffith jump. Very obvious after Don Knotts left that the show's quality took a tremendous blow.

I do though disagree with the Seinfeld jump. To me, the show's Jump the Shark moment came in 1996, two years before the finale when co-creator and executive producer Larry David made the decision to leave the show. David, to me anyway, was the reason why Seinfeld was such a hit. The show was actually based on his life. The character of George was based on Larry and if you've ever watched his HBO show "Curb Your Enthusiasm", although he is playing himself, he IS George Costanza. When he left, the characters looked somewhat lost and the magic seemed to disappear.
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One could argue "Seinfeld" jumped the shark when co-creator Larry David left the show, then jumped a larger, stupider shark when he came back to write the series finale.
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The Stooges were short (Moe & Larry were barely 5'4", Curly was 5'5", Shemp was 5'6"), and taller actors and actresses wer often employed for comic effect:
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