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it would've been awesome to see the david tennant, doctor stopping by this place in an episode. the new doctor (matt smith).... there's just something off about him, not sure if he'd stop at a place like this. but it would be really cool to see an episode with the "real" tardis next to this tardis. LOL
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considering there are a lot of suicides by jumping in front of trains. I can only imagine what it'd be like with a train like that around! lots of flying or smashed bodies around. i wonder if they'll have a cleaning crew around?
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this seems likely to happen when I live with my boyfriend. He loves to have the TV on and I like silence, so I can only guess one of us will be sleeping elsewhere when the time comes. But still, it's all good.
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Red heads are hot. There's some attraction field to red heads, I wonder if that's why they are considered alien? Because so many people are attracted to their hair??? And I agree with jjjj- we need to hug or kiss the redheads, not kick, that's just mean. I'm not a red head, but overall, it doesn't matter what skin color or hair color you are, because once you die, all of that doesn't matter. Human beings can be f-ed up, that's all I'm going to say (and NO, I'm not an alien either. I'm just stating that human nature is messed up).
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