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The Twin Towers isn't important in every single country. Why would they think of the WTC if it didn't happen in their own country? It's not important or significant to them. I don't think the Dutch meant any harm in it, of course the US people would be like "omg its the WTC! How could they?!" But honestly, why would it matter to the Dutch?
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Also, the only change that has happened and will ever happen during this term is that he's a black president. That's it. Nothing else. You can't change America without changing the whole constitution or the government.
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Bush was actually a decent president. Sure he made some bad decisions, but what president hasn't? Most of the bad decisions that happened came from the CONGRESS which was run by the DEMOCRATS.
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I like how some people are like "Democrats will do a lot better than the Republicans!" and yet they don't realize that congress was democratic, and how much they sucked and failed.
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I can raise one eyebrow at a time, alternate between them, make the wave. I can move my ears, and alternate between them also. I can do the tongue stuff too. Everything else-nope lol. When I raise my arms in the air and put my hands together and kind of pull my arms upwards, "wings" as my mom likes to call pop out. I don't know what they are though, but it's kinda neat.
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That's pretty neat. It kinda look like an alien-hybrid a little bit lol. And for real, people freak out over nothing with the politics, they need to get over it.
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