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One of my favorite art professors once said that in order to be able to paint the way for which he was famous, Picasso had to first be a truly good painter in the traditional sense. Seeing the painting he completed at the age of fifteen really drives her point home.
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There were some absolutely gorgeous photos in that article. I was glad to see some husky love there. Huskies do have the most amazing eyes. Our Husky/Akita mix is blonde/cream-colored with blue eyes, and as someone said before, it's an ice blue, almost white. She gets comments everywhere she goes.
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My family once had a Basenji/Australian cattle dog mix named T.J. He had the coloring of a red Basenji, but his fur was slightly fuzzy rather than smooth, and he had one blue eye, one brown. It's such an unexpected effect, whether human or animal, and quite striking.

I had to restrain myself from staring at the man I saw in a car rental office at Washington Dulles airport several years ago. One eye was icy pale blue, the other the same shade blue, but with the lower half of it filled in with a deep, chocolate brown. Arresting. (It didn't hurt that he was cute, too...)
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