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Gia, your mention of Uma Thurman made me think of Uma Thurman as Ulla in "The Producers." She looks the part, but can't sing. I don't understand why they didn't bring Cady Huffman from the Broadway cast; weren't Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, and Will Ferrell enough big names to make it work?

And I had my reservations about Will Ferrell, but thought he did a good job.
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I can remember watching "The Dukes of Hazzard" on Friday nights, followed by "Dallas." Ahh, Southern stereotypes!

No, seriously...I haven't seen the movie and don't plan to. The show was funny, and clean if a little safely naughty. I can't imagine the movie improving on that and it sounds like they didn't even try to keep it in the same ballpark.

Heh. I can remember having a crush on Enos. I was 11, okay?
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For some reason this makes me think of my dad when we got our first cordless phone, circa 1986. If we tried to make a call on it, he'd say, "Go! Go! Walk around! That's what it's for!"

And my dad STILL has the ginormous GE camcorder he got around the same time, and it still works. They'll stop making VHS tapes before that thing goes kerplooey.
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I wish I could find this, but years ago I picked up a little pamphlet that was a sort of anti-Chick tract. It portrayed a couple of evangelists going door-to-door, and encountering a couple who said that they weren't in need of salvation, because the God of Genesis was actually "Elohim," which is plural, indicating that there were GODS who created male and female humans, and those who Yahweh had not created had never lived in the Garden of Eden, had never experienced the Fall, and thus were free of original sin. It was some interesting food for thought, to say the least.
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I always wondered about the religious reasons for circumcision. If God didn't want boy babies to have foreskins, surely He would be powerful enough to prevent them from being born with them...?
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OMG. She's the same artist who did the "Chrissy Caviar" um...project. I knew the name struck a bell somewhere in my memory. I remember thinking at the time of the "Caviar" news item that she must just be an incredibly self-obsessed twit, but I do have to feel sorry for her if she's obviously got some parent issues. Some points for originality, but I was never comfortable with the "look at me" self-portraiture that some artists espouse (and I've been known to be an artist at times).
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