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Who knows? Could be an easter egg and not a mistake. Perhaps Earth existed/still exists in a galaxy far away in the Star Wars universe and the lightsaber bears an ancient & unique component from what used to be the state of New York.
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That might make calling home to get a ride when you missed the bus or stayed after school for something, a bit more difficult. I imagine parent's got their children phones for a purpose, and leaving them at home likely defeats it...
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I recall seeing a few frames of The Flash comic book, in which his 'catching a bullet' trick was explained. The Flash would run parallel to the bullet and place his hand against it repeatedly, and the small amount of resistance from the friction between his hand and the bullet would dissipate its momentum. He would have to 'touch' the bullet repeatedly in order to prevent damage to his hand, but this was done with such speed that, to a bystander, it appears as if he ran up and 'caught' the bullet.

Similarly, then, catching a flying cyclist would probably involve more than just the Flash catching some poor guy with his arm at high speed. Such an action would cut the cyclist in half, but the Flash probably used some high-speed trick to safely bleed off the energy of the collision, perhaps through repeated cycles of engagement and disengagement.

It wouldn't be easy on the cyclist's clothing, though.
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True--it's never been any of those things (except incomprehensible when I write uncaffeinated) and, in fact, we haven't made a ton of money. But we've been financially self-sufficient for nearly a decade. Very few blogs have ever done that. And Neatorama has paid my kids' preschool tuition. I'm not sure how I would have come up with the money for that otherwise.
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Neatorama was never totally dumb, useless, or incomprehensible, so we can't blame those things.

When Alex "started up" Neatorama in 2005, everyone and his brother were starting a blog -millions, in fact. To have just survived this long is downright amazing. Remind me someday to write a chronology.
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just because some folks don't know - it can be dangerous to put rabbits on their backs "Purposely inducing tonic immobility by laying a rabbit on his back can cause him serious stress. While he may appear relaxed during the trance-like state, afterward his heart and respiration rate is likely to be very high. A study led by Dr. Anne McBride of the University of Southampton found that rabbits show signs of extreme stress after an episode of tonic immobility. Another danger of placing a rabbit on his back is that he could break his back if he struggles against being turned over."
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I think most, if not all, of those animations were just lifted from Wikipedia/Wikimedia. In which case you could just link to their Animations of machinery category, where some people have put some serious effort in creating illustrations of how various things work. At least then you can get links to actual articles on it, as opposed to just a couple single-line bad summaries.
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