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I do not like mice at all - I remember mixing up poison to kill the little bastards because they were always creeping around the floor of my hut - eek!!!
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[Ed. note: Mickey does not eat cheese in cartoons, but Disney is not above licensing his image to sell cheese.]

FYI - there is nothing that Disney is "not above"
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I loved "The Creature from the Black Lagoon", and I even auditioned for "The Creature Walks Among Us" and was cast in a small role, but I took a role in "Belly Dancers from Bali Bali" instead.
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My favorite novel of all time - I am reading it again right now. I have been in very isolating situations in my life - so much so that I can feel a kinship with Winston Smith, but, of course, my situation was much less severe - and at least we had coconuts...
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Many years later, I found out that a bunch of my friends went to the gig at Dodger Stadium and bought an extra seat "in my memory" (they all thought I was dead).
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Years ago I was talking to a wealthy friend of mine - I said to him that there was a great difference between a bottle of scotch and a diary, and he replied "not to Dean Martin".

While it is obviously an allusion to Dean's notorious reputation with booze, to this day, the comment makes no sense to me, I guess he was just going for the laugh - he was a bit of a ham...
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